Work with kadam, get prizes! 9 years


Take the coolest prizes from the holiday draw on! *

* iPhone 12, Sony PS5, GoPro Hero 9, $500 on Kadam balance, $200 on balance, $100 on balance, 3x $50 on balance, Gifts from partners


  • For whom?

    Advertisers and webmasters participate in the prize draw of

  • How to participate?

    It's very simple. You get 1 number for every $50 turnover for advertisers or for every $50 of money earned if you're a webmaster. Your numbers will come to the ticket once a day. The more coupons you get, the more chances of winning!

  • When?

    We will sum up the results of the prize draw LIVE on September 1st at 6 pm on our YouTube channel


What if I don't get my numbers?

If you fail to get your numbers up to the next day 8 pm, please contact a support team or a personal manager.

What are the terms of participation?

From August 13, 2021 to September 10, 2021 inclusive

How can I get my prize?

Physical goods will be delivered to your place of residence. Bonuses will be awarded the day after the draw.

Can I win more than one prize?

No, if we get your number the second time, we'll pull the next one.

What prizes can I win?

We draw Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, GoPro HERO9, Apple Phone iPhone 12 Pro as well as adding bonuces to the balance on in the amount of 500 USD, 200 USD, 100 USD, 50 USD. Additionally, during the broadcast we will draw prizes from our partners